Catholic Bishops of Australia Statement

The Catholic Bishops of Australia have issued a statement ahead of the 2019 federal election – Politics in Service of Peace.  In the statement the bishops call for respect in public debate, share Catholic social teaching and details some key issues to reflect on before you vote.  The statement is structured explicitly around Catholic Social Teaching.  It consistently emphasises the unique dignity of each human being, and in its reflections on welfare and the economy it privileges the common good rather than private profit.  The responsibility of society, and so of government, to the most disadvantaged in society is also stressed.  It invites Catholics to use this resource to reflect on the issues raised in the election.  It also urges them to speak about the issues with their fellow Australians.

Click here to view the full statement.

As a response to the statement, read an article at Eureka Street titled “Parsing the Catholic Bishops’ Election Advice” by Fr Andrew Hamilton sj.