Future Directions Steering Group


The Future Directions Steering Group was formed by the PLT to create a Master Plan for all parish properties (excluding school buildings). The role of the Steering Group was to oversee the development of a cohesive self-funding Master Plan for the following parish priorities:

  1. Provide a single separate private residence for 2 Priests & a visitor; for the use of the Parish Priest of OLGC and AH Parishes
  2. Provide a single Parish administration centre for Priests & staff of the Parishes of OGLC and AH;
  3. Provide a gathering place & meeting rooms for the parishes groups;
  4. Provide for future Church upgrades;
  5. Additional to the above requirements, to:
    1. Create the ‘means’ to support ‘whole of OLGC and AH Parishes’ Outreach activities and preserve the present capability of the parishes to support refugee resettlement as has been done through the Asylum Seekers and Refugee Group; and
    2. Maximise the OLGC and AH school assets,
    3. Enhance safety and the school playground area in respect of OGLC school.

All works have now been completed.


Parish Office

Email parish@olgc.com.au


The Future Directions Steering Group was formed by the PLT. It is not affiliated with any organization outside of the parish. The Future Directions Steering Group reports to the PLT through the Parish Priest or his nominee after each meeting or at least monthly.

Future Directions Steering Group related information (e.g. recommendations) are formally disseminated to the parish community after approval by the PLT.

Recent Events

Barnsbury was completed during 2013 and is now fully occupied.

Stage 2 – Masterplan for OLGC Church and OLGC School.  We look forward to a renovated Church, a new Gathering Space, new Asylum Seeker Housing, relocated parish offices and a new priest’s residence.  There is also to be major refurbishment to the older parts of our school to respond to the need for flexible learning spaces so that contemporary learning can take place across the whole school.


How to Join

The Future Directions Steering Group has been operating since mid 2009. Members of the Future Directions Steering Group were appointed by the PLT. The Steering Group consisting of not less than 4 and not more than 6 comprising parishioners with knowledge of or experience in finance, business management, legal and relevant knowledge or experience in the real estate and or infrastructure markets.

The Future Directions Steering Group has completed the project it was appointed for.